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Construction Equipments - Builder's Hoist - Weigh batcher

HOIST: Hoist is available for heights of 50 feet to 125 feet on C.I./Pneumatic Wheels, having Capacities from 500 kgs. to 1000 kgs.

WEIGH BATCHER : The device is suitable for 10 Cft. Capacity Batch. The Weigh Batcher has two buckets, for sand and gravel. The height of the batcher is such that the material unloads directly into the mixer hopper. There is a steel yard knife for weight comparison, which has to be balanced every week, as per the design mix of concrete.

Pan Mixer Concrete Cement Floor
Groove Cutter
Hand operated concrete
block making machine
Concrete Vacuum
Dewatering Pump
Sand Seiver Concrete Batcher
Double speed power floater 3 HP with 12 blade set & 3 mm Roug Earth Rammer (enclosed type) Earth Rammer Fitted with 5 HP Greaves Engine
Groove Cutting Machine 20 HP Fitted with 32 inches Blade Groove Cutting Machine Fitted with 5 HP Greaves Engine Paver Block Cutting Machine
HDM 800 Little Block MIX 2
Power Floater 3 HP with 12 blade set & 5mm Rough Disc Power Trowel 3 HP 12 inches Blade Set Power Trowel 3 HP with 17 inch Blade Set
Power Trowel Fitted with 3 HP Honda Engine with 12 Blade Set Screed Ste-fitted with 3 HP Honda Engine Screed Vibrator (Electric)
Vacuum Dewatering System (VDS) 7.5 HP Vib Table

Our Products

Our Products